What's happening, where do I go, How do I get there, When should I go there...
Some of you may be new to Road racing or unfamiliar with the 'process'. Here's a few guidelines.

Put the dates in your calendar Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th August 2022

  • Firstly, you need to get there. Saturday, Sunday morning.. or both, there's more bussle on Sunday, but that's when the main championship races are on. Make your way towards Glanmire - See: Directions.
  • Practice is on Saturday and racing on Sunday. Its only €30 for both Saturday & Sunday, or if you just want to go Sunday that's €30 per adult for the full day ! (Kids are FREE)
  • Find yourself a parking spot (Cars, bikes, whatever.. there's room for everyone and the family). There is official FREE parking at Killalough Cross and Crush with signs showing you where to go. Park up and make your way towards the circuit. (Do not park outside of the designated areas)
  • If you are staying, camping, B&Bs & hotels are on the list and we have a shuttle bus between the serviced camping site and the circuit. (about 3 KMs away). Camper vans will be situated in the paddock, (Space dependent).  - See link. 
  • Roads will be closed from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, but you can still easily get to the parking areas.
  • First chance you get buy a programme.
  • Make your way to either a comfortable spot on the hedging around the circuit, or go to the paddock to see the bikes being set up, food stalls etc.
  • We will have the entire circuit set up. prohibited areas will be marked, ... follow the crowd.
  • Before each race, our traveling marshals will 'sweep' the circuit to be sure all is clear. marshals will ensure you have all moved to a safe viewing spot.
  • Saturday will have lots of practice sessions, followed by two races. Sunday is a full day of 10 exhilarating  races, from 1000 cc to classic machines.
  • You are free to move around between viewing areas or to go to the paddock and grab a bite between races which will be about a 10 - 15 min gap. (If you are not staying for the day, you can also make your way back to your car / bike during this time).
  • Take plenty of photos and videos (Remember... turn off the flash).
  • Safety is paramount. Make sure the kids are supervised at all times, this is a dangerous sport, both for riders and potentially for spectators who may not follow the guidelines. 
  • The racing can be noisy, please consider young children and ensure thy have ear muffs or ear plugs during the sessions, small ears ... mind them. (and yours too)
  • If you have a drone.. These are prohibited, please leave it at home. 
  • Dogs (And cats), We love them, but probably not the best place to bring them. If you do, please ensure they are leashed at ALL times.
  • When we're done, we will have the prize giving in the paddock and you can  chat with the riders & teams.
  • Priority.. have a great day.

For those of you that are staying..


  • We have a shuttle bus circling between the Paddock and Glanmire where you can have dinner, a beer or whatever suits.
  • Some of our race sponsors and local 'establishments' (Also in the programme)