Designed by 'us' and  beautifully turned out by Omah Printing.
Size 140mm  x 70mm (5.5" x 2.75") Weather proof, matt vinyl finish
Traditionally known as "Sponsor a Bale" stickers, these are a nice option to support the Munster 100, not only for 2019 past, but 2020
We have two different options to support the races with these...

  • Purchase a  sticker for €5 and help support Cork Motorcycle Road Racing.
  • Donate €5 to support Cork Motorcycle Road racing .... and get a free sticker :)

So... I've found there is no option  to select sticker quantity, without setting up a shop and all that goes with it !!
So you get four buttons.. Buy 1, Buy 2, If you buy 3 or 4 ... FREE Postage
(Please make sure to click 'Friends & Family' on the PayPal page, this way we can keep the overheads to a minimum)
If you would like to buy more than four, Please contact us directly at

Buy 1 for €5 Plus €1 Postage

Buy 2 for €10 Plus €1 Postage

Buy 3 for €15 FREE Postage

Buy 4 for €20 ... FREE Postage 

Terms & Conditions: Erm.. 

1. The Paypal address is where the Postman will deliver the stickers.

2. No, you can't send them back
That's It. Thank you so much for the support. This also helps all the other Road Races as we all run under the one MCUI Flagship.