MUNSTER 100 2021

It is with great regret that, on behalf of the Cork Motorcycle & Vintage Club, we announce the cancellation of Munster 100 Road Races due to take place at the Glanmire circuit over the weekend of the 26th & 27th of June 2021. 

There are a number of factors based on which the Club have made this decision, most notably from a public health perspective. At the time of writing we are under Level 5 restrictions and the health service is coming under increasing pressure owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Organising a road race is an incredibly lengthy, difficult and costly task that requires enormous input from countless volunteers, businesses and organisations. Unfortunately due to the ongoing pandemic there is no way for the Club to safely prepare for and run the event. The safety of competitors, fans, marshals, medics, volunteers, local community and the general public must, and does, come first.

The added risk to the club of investing in the race only to have it cancelled closer to the date is far too great and means cancelling now is the only option in order the ensure the race runs in the future. On that point, anybody interested in helping run events, like the MUNSTER 100 in the future, please see our 2021 club membership details under 'Membership Application.' HERE.

In a time when the health and well being of the country both North and South is at such risk we urge all our supporters to stay safe and with a little bit of luck we’ll be able to regroup in 2022 for a safe and successful road race around Glanmire.


Notice to all club members who are looking to renew their membership for 2021 and persons interested in becoming a CMRVC member for 2021. We will renew all 2020 club memberships free of charge for 2021 in lieu of the restricted club activities in 2020.

We are also offering new members free membership to the CMRVC this season. All you need to do is  fill in the online form or post the printable version to the address provided on the form.

Yours in sport,
Robert Farrissey
CMRVC Chairperson

MUNSTER 100 2020 - Sadly, cancelled due to Covid 19 as were all events for 2020

Munster 100 - 2019

We've done it !
What a weekend, spectacular results, great racing, haunted with the weather.
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Munster 100 2019 Race Results.

Officially.. The Keohane CityMix Munster 100 for 2019.

The Keohane name has been synonymous with motorsport in Cork for many years and were delighted to have the support of Keohanes with Michael and Liam for the 2019 event.

There's more... Carole Nash Insurance were also behind the Munster 100 for 2019 with sponsorship of not only the 'CAROLE NASH GRAND FINAL' but also 'Rider of the meeting'
The motorcycle insurance company have a proud history of sponsoring motorcycle events in Ireland. For more information on Carole Nash and the Munster 100 click here: 


A brief guide for the new fans




Some of the people that stood behind us providing support, equipment & assistance for 2019

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Motorcycling Ireland Road race dates for 2021

  • Details to be published via the MCUI when available.