2019 was our comeback year after some delay.
An amazing day and a great result for the Munster 100 Road races for 2019.

Results below. 

Most of the feedback is coming in to our Facebook page HERE
"What our Club has achieved over the last 48 hours has been nothing other than extraordinary. The seed was planted over 12 months ago to get road racing back on Leeside and a close knit group of people started to chisel away in the background doing the countless hours of unseen work. This weekend has been their just reward and to see the riders leave the start/finish line once more has filled us with pride. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to so many who have given us their support in many different ways and we hope you too feel the warmth that these races have created despite the extremely difficult conditions we faced. Lastly we wish to thank the fans who came out in fantastic numbers to watch these gladiators push both themselves and their machines to the absolute limit in search of the inches and milliseconds between stone walls and hedges that these races are decided on. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we have. The Munster 100 Road Races are back..... roll on 2021"

2019 Munster 100 Results.pdf

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