Ted Brady

Guinness World record holder for "The fastest motorcycle wheelie over one kilometre".
217.85 mph (350.595 km/h)

19 August 2017

There are only two ways of showing the enormity of this achievement. well three.. the first .. being there.

1. Watch the video

2. Have a read through an excellent article and interview with Ted by Cian Donnellan on SPEEDHUNTERS  linked below.

BY Cian Donnellan on SPEEDHUNTERS 
Pulling A 217mph Wheelie On A 540hp Turbo Suzuki Hayabusa
Read in isolation, that is the basis of nearly every motorsport story. ‘I’d have done even better, if only for the never-ending battle against nature and conditions.’ ‘I’d have gone quicker, faster or more, if only…’ But, with a bit of context, that particular opening statement is truly mind-bending, and it’s about time you learned about Ted Brady, the man behind one of the craziest records ever set.