Our Annual Hill Climb is run every year around September.

Have a look further down for some detail on how this all works.

Roberts Cove Hill Climb - Sept 02 2018 

Another great day at Roberts Cove .....weather was great, shaping up to see quick times.  The weather took a bit of a nose dive in the afternoon making for greasy slippy conditions. Safe option for all was to call it a day after 4 successful runs. 

Many thanks to all who helped and volunteered, the residents of Roberts Cove, officials, travelling marshals, all medical personnel and the riders.

Onboard 2018 Thanks to 'Pawel_7'
2018 Times.pdf
2018 Results.pdf
2018 Regs.pdf

Roberts Cove Hillclimb

Riders are staged at the bottom of the hill with a red light. When ready, the lights go green and a single  rider breaks the start beam to race against the clock  just under a mile of a tarmac twisty hill. (Which happens to be a closed road for us for the day). When they break the beam at the finish line, the time in 0.000 seconds is registered against their run.
The 'Cove' hillclimb is generally set up to cater for ~ 50 entrants with 6 classes. 50 is a good number as it enables all the riders to get multiple runs.
We split the runs in two, 25 Up ... one at a time, then we bring them back down again where the enthusiasts  roll on the tyre warmers and tinker while others just relax and enjoy the buzz as the other 25 race the clock.  When the second wave are done, we are into round 2 where the first 25 are off again. This race is geared for both race enthusiasts and standard road bikes for people to have the opportunity to race on a closed road on their standard bike. 

  • But I don't have race tyres or tyre warmers - Don't need 'em ... in fact you must use road tyres.
  • Do I need a race licence - Yes.. We'll give you one on the day 
  • Will my bike do  - If it fits a class and the scruiteneers deem it 'fit to race' ... it'll do.
  • How do I know what class I can enter - Download the regulations above based on the list below.
    • Class A - Classic Superbike Pre 1993
    • Class A1 - Quads
    • Class B - 600cc plus triples to 675cc
    • Class C - Up to 530cc including single cylinder machines up to 700cc and 650 twins
    • Class D - Pre Injection 600cc and twins to 750cc
    • Class E - 601cc – 1010cc

The Truth, The whole truth & Nothing but the truth .. its still 40.076 

2002   B.Desmond   41.17       

2003   B. Desmond   42.82

2004   D.Swanton   41.212 

2005   D.Swanton   40.406 

2006   D.Swanton   40.076

2007   D.Sheils        40.637

2008   D.Sheils        41.206

2009   D.Sheils        40.171


2011   D.Sheils        47.692 



2014   R. Casey      41.157

2015   D. Sheils      40.820

2016   M. Browne  41.488

2017   J. Hurley      41.643

2018   K. Ryan        42.763